CfP – Diaspora and historical communities between integration and affirmation. Heritage, identity and migration

Deadline: 15th of March 2021

Etnosfera Journal welcomes contributions concerning the diaspora issue and its rapport with related subjects such as heritage, identity and migration.

The ethnic, religious and linguistic communities, after leaving the national borders of their home countries, find themselves obliged to oscillate between integration and affirmation in the destination states. The same choices stand before the historical communities that are autochthones but live outside their national borders. Is the collective identity still a social imaginary and an ‘authorised’ discourse strong enough to define the new global flows of people, ideas and technologies (Appadurai, 1996)? Are the perceptions of heritage changing and the collective identities being re-negotiated in the new changing world or, on the contrary, there is an active and affective expression of individual and community senses of self (Robertson, 2012)? Is the expression of one’s heritage powerful enough (such as Arendt sustained in 1958) that it can still gather strangers together, mobilizing both semblance and difference in order to confront the complexities and uncertainties of human life in diverse communities (Simon & Ashley, 2010)? Are minority groups still interested to negotiate and represent their own (sub)cultural difference but also articulate their relationship to the collective polity in their home/place/nation? Does the ‘outsider’ perspective (in terms of ethnic, racial, religious, linguistic and other (sub)cultural groups) continue to be an ongoing reality in a world dominated by the multicultural discourse, globalization mechanisms and unprecedented migration? Here are some questions to which we invite you to provide an answer, through case studies with a solid theoretical framework and interpreted data targeting your communities of interest.

We invite both young and experienced scholars (social sciences or other fields) to submit their papers before March 15th 2021 at along with a short description of the author (name, affiliation, research interests, contact details).

The articles must respect the technical editing and citation conditions provided in the Author guidelines section.

Selected papers will be published in the Etnosfera Journal no. 1/2021 that will be available both in print (under the aegis of the Romanian Academy Publishing House) and electronic form (

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