Issue no. 2/2019



Radu Baltasiu – The condensed monography: an introduction note to Anton Golopenția’s paradigmatic contribution to the Bucharest School of Sociology

Alin Bulumac, Samira Cîrlig – The village – the instrument to restore things to their nature

Augustin Poenaru, Ioana Drăgoi – Towards a methodology of ethno-political comparative analysis. The Romanians from Covasna and Harghita counties, the Romanians from Hungary and the Hungarians from Romania

Mihail Ungheanu – The myth of the overman and modern society

Vlad Ovidiu Cioacă – The hidden faces of the communist nomenclature – elements of oral history (1)


Ruxandra Păduraru – Review: the “meeting” with I. Ungureanu’s book. Paradigms for the knowledge of society – the sixth meeting

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Etnosfera Journal no. 2/2019