Issue no. 2/2020



Radu Baltasiu – On Băncilă’s sacrality of holiday. Towards a sociology of revival

George Damian Mocanu – Modernization versus identity: the case of habsburg rule in Oltenia

Emanuil Ineuan – The new regime of the young Turks from the Ottoman empire in the perception of some Romanian diplomats from 1908

Mihail Ungheanu – The all-present religion of modernity

Iulia Bădilaș – Ritual baths and the construction of Jewish identities 

Augustin Poenaru – Social service – community development project and tool for supporting the peasant family

Book reviews

Alin Bulumac – “Elisabeth Noelle–Neumann, the spiral of silence – public opinion, our social skin”

Narcis Rupe – “George A. Arkeloff, Robert J. Shiller, phishing pools”

Samira Cîrlig – “Claire Fox, I find that offensive. Provocations”

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