Issue no. 1/2021



Harald HaarmannSetting the heritage of Old Europe in perspective – Cultural studies and their interdisciplinary contextualization

George Damian MocanuThe involution of education for national miniorities in Ukraine as reflected in the monitoring by the Council of Europe

Mihail UngheanuThe ignored origins of the concepts of progress and evolution

Emanuil Ineoan – Some aspects concerning the catholic propaganda in the Balkans. The Aromanian case

Alin Bulumac Transylvania as a dependent province of the empire. Sociological aspects of the Mitteleuropean paradigm (I)

Samira CîrligA short analysis regarding social security of Romanians from the Harghita-Covasna area


Samira Cîrlig, Alin Bulumac Youth between discipline and ritual

Samira Cîrlig, Alin Bulumac, Narcis Rupe – Young generations and their purpose

Book reviews

Narcis Rupe – “Ion Ungureanu, The paradigms of society knowledge

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