Etnosfera Journal no. 2/2019

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Issue no. 2/2019 SUMMARY Articles Radu Baltasiu - The condensed monography: an introduction note to Anton Golopenția’s paradigmatic contribution to the Bucharest School of Sociology Alin Bulumac, Samira Cîrlig - The village - the instrument to restore things to their nature Augustin Poenaru, Ioana Drăgoi - [...]

Revista Etnosfera nr.1/2019

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Issue no. 1/2019 SUMMARY Articles Ovidiana Bulumac - The Romanian Village and Ernest Bernea’s Sociological Perspective Mihail Ungheanu - The Cunning Of Evil. A Very Short Introduction to Eugen Drewermann’s Conception on Evil Alin Bulumac - Dioști Village: A Sociological Model to Follow Ioana Drăgoi - The Specialization of [...]